Guest Information

Welcome to Canoe Brook Country Club

Our entire Club community takes great pride in entertaining our guests. Our staff is committed to ensuring that all of your golf, dining and recreational needs are met during your visit to Canoe Brook.

Cellular Phone Policy

Cellular phone use is only permitted in the locker rooms, inside your vehicle or within one of two phone rooms located across from the elevator by the Club's main entrance. Cellular phone use is not permitted anywhere else on the Club’s property. Smart phones may be used discreetly for purposes of brief SMS and email communication or as a range-finder on either Golf Course; however, at all times phones should be set to silent or vibrate so not to interfere with other members' or guests' enjoyment of our facilities.

Dress Code

Canoe Brook Country Club Members wish to enjoy the Club’s facilities in an environment where all Members follow guidelines of proper attire. At the same time, Canoe Brook Country Club is a premier, full-service, family-oriented, private country club dedicated to the enjoyment of our Members, their families and Guests.

With these goals in mind, please permit the following rules to aid you in determining what attire is proper for Canoe Brook Country Club. To view our visual dress code aid please click here. 

Golf Dress Code

(Golf Courses, Putting Green and all practice areas)

  1. Men must wear slacks or Bermuda length shorts that are no shorter than 4-inches above the top of the knee. Women must wear slacks, capris, golf shorts, skirts, skorts, culottes or dresses that are no shorter than 4-inches above the top of the knee.
  2. Only shirts with sleeves and collars are allowed for men. Shirts must be tucked into pants or shorts at all times.
  3. Shirts with sleeves and collars are preferred for women; however, women may wear a round neck collarless shirt with sleeves or a shirt with a collar and no sleeves. Shirts must be tucked in. Shirts with finished bottoms that are designed to be left untucked may be worn out; however, no women’s clothing is allowed where the midriff is visible.
  4. Only spikeless shoes are permitted on the golf courses and practice facilities. Spikeless shoes include Softspikes, golf shoes with rubber treads, and sneakers.
  5. Caps must be worn with the bill forward, at all times. Men and boys must remove hats and visors in the Clubhouse, including at the bars.
  6. At no time are jeans, denim or cargo clothing, cutoff shorts, jogging/sweat/warm-up or yoga pants, T-shirts/tank tops/mesh shirts/athletic shirts or any undergarment type attire with or without printed slogans, strapless tops/halter tops or tube tops, any camouflage attire or shoes with metal spikes/high top sneakers/water footwear allowed anywhere on the golf courses and practice facilities.

Tennis Dress Code

  1. Players must wear white tennis attire or white attire with color trim only. No solid blocks of color or all over patterns permitted.
  2. Only tennis sneakers with a background white permitted.
  3. Caps must be worn with the bill forward.
  4. Tennis shorts and collared shirt tucked in is required for men.
  5. Colored outer wear permitted.
  6. Women are permitted to wear clothing made specifically for tennis with the following exceptions: No halter, crop or strapless (camisoles); Straps on women’s/girls’ tennis attire must be at least one (1) inch in width; at no time may undergarment straps or bare midriffs be showing; No sweat suits, sweat pants or gym clothing.

Paddle Tennis Dress Code

  1. Casual attire and warm-up suits are the appropriate attire; however, jeans are never permitted.
  2. Tennis sneakers are the required footwear.

Pool Dress Code

  1. Bathing suits are not allowed outside the pool fence anywhere at any time.
  2. Members and their guests must arrive and leave the pool area in acceptable dress.
  3. Jeans and cargo pants of any kind are not permitted.
  4. Proper swim wear is expected to be worn in the pool. No cut-offs, or gym shorts, etc. may be used as a swimsuit. T-Shirts are permitted; however undershirts and shirts with cut-off sleeves (tank tops) are not permitted.
  5. For the baby pool, rubber pants are required over diapers by mandate of the State Board of Health and may be purchased in the pool office.
  6. Hats must be worn with the bill forward.
  7. Children may be dropped off and picked up in their bathing suits ONLY at the entrance to the pool.

Clubhouse Dress Code

  1. Denim and camouflage garments are not permitted.
  2. Cargo pants and shorts are not permitted.
  3. T-shirts are not permitted.
  4. Men’s shirts must have collars and be tucked in, except guayaberas and aloha shirts. Women’s shirts must fall below the beltline of the lower garment.
  5. Caps must be worn with the bill forward, at all times. Men and boys must remove hats and visors in the Clubhouse, including at the bars.
  6. Undergarments must not be exposed.
  7. Except as permitted at the pool, footwear is required on Club property.
  8. Golf and Tennis shorts are permitted. Running and other athletic shorts are not permitted. Cut-off shorts are not permitted. Athletic warm-up suits are permitted. Sweat pants are not permitted.
  9. Jackets are required at all times for gentlemen in the Travis Formal Dining Room. Ties are optional.