Canoe Brook was founded in 1901 on grounds where American troops encamped during the Revolutionary War. In fact, George Washington, Alexander Hamilton, the Marquis de Lafayette and Baron Frederick von Steuben often met on the “summit” to observe the British who were occupying territory on nearby Staten Island.

By the mid 19th century, with its fresh air and pure water, the grounds had become a popular summer resort and an ideal spot to escape the New York City heat. During this period of unparalleled prosperity and growth, area residents began turning to other recreational pursuits, and the new sport of golf quickly captured their imagination. By 1901, the grounds encompassed 133 acres of rolling hills and handsome woodlands, and, with its new golf course, made Canoe Brook the first full-fledged country club in the region.

Over 110-years later, Canoe Brook Country Club remains proud of its heritage while continuing to be focused on maintaining our status as a premier family-focused Country Club by evolving our facilities, offerings and activities.